The greener pastures invite us to make a new journey of finding self and exploring opportunities. For this purpose, Vmigrate has launched immigration advice and assistance program.
Under this, immigration to Canada and subsequent permanent resident status can be obtained by any of the following methods. These programs are designed to grant the residency status to eligible persons. Therefore, it is important to seek the advice of our expert team to help you facilitate entry and settlement process in Canada.
These programs include:
Express entry: This program is designed for students, workers as well as skilled employees.
Family class sponsorship: For the existing citizens of Canada along with the Permanent residents of the nation, this is an opportunity to bring family closer.
Business immigration: For people willing to explore business avenues in Canada, this program helps to settle as well as do business securely in the country.
Province nomination program: This program is designed specifically for the provinces of the country where demand exceeds supply of labor. This brings demand occupation and adds 600 points in the express program kitty. This makes processing your application an easy task!
For further assistance on these opportunities, consult us.
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