Vmigrate assists you in processing live-in caregiver support program. This is a method by which temporary residents can reside in country on live-in caregiver permit. Such an applicant must be supplemented by employers positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application for permanent residency status.
Requirements for live-in caregiver support program:
  • Must be able to qualify for the LMIA on basis of recommendation from a Canadian employer.
  • Written description of employment hours, waged, accommodation arrangements, insurance, resignation terms, etc. All this should be accompanied with insurance coverage until the eligibility to provincial health insurance is confirmed.
  • A Canadian diploma or degree or equivalent of foreign studies.
  • Language skills especially in English and French language.
  • Six months training experience or one year of detailed experience in the application category.
  • Work permit before entering the country.
For details or more information on hiring as well as applying for live-in caregiver support program, visit our Vmigrate office and get expert consultation from leading immigration experts.