It is important to note that the eligibility for the super visa decides the actual eligibility for the visa application process. You can approach us for free consultation on any of the below super visa application process:

Introduction to super visa:
A super visa is a process by which temporary residential permit is issued to the applicant’s parents and grandparents. The maximum duration is of two years per visit. However, the method can also be used for long term visa under multiple entry.

Points to note:
  • Maximum stay period is up to 2 years per visit. Considering other methods of stay, it is quite an extended period.
  • Only the parents and grandparents of the Canadian citizens are eligible for application.
  • Processing time is quite less. Only 8 weeks are required for processing such an eligible application.
The application form can be submitted through any visa office outside Canada. However, a few prerequisites for the process are:
  • The applicant must however be eligible for a normal visitor visa.
  • Likewise, The applicant should not be ineligible on medical or criminal disposition.
  • A proof of relationship with the Canadian citizen or permanent resident is must.
  • Medical insurance with a minimum coverage of one lac dollars by a Canadian insurance company. The duration of such a coverage period should be atleast of one year.
  • A preliminary medical examination before the application process.
Likewise the applicant in Canada should have:
  • Justify their residency status either as a permanent resident or as Canadian citizen.
  • Issue a letter of invitation to the super visa applicant.
  • Clarify that their income is above minimum levels in order to provide for themselves and their families.