The British Columbia PNP program is a process of moving to the area of British Columbia. Through the process, immigrants possessing skill and experience are targeted for benefits under the program. This allows foreign nationals to apply for permanent resident status but at a faster response than the other classes.
Application for the process of BC PNP moves under two major immigration categories:
  • Skill immigration.
  • Business immigration.
Each of the category mentioned above can be further described in form of subcategories. On January, 2016 the BC PNP was modified in form of an updated version of point based system. The registration process includes a score that is based on the applicant’s education, experience and employment offer. You can calculate your own points by clicking here: BC PNP Points Calculator.

Skill immigration process:
The British Columbia PNP program includes skill immigration on basis of:
  • Skilled workers category for those who have received a letter of intent from a British Columbia’s employer. The worker should possess two year experience in the organization of their skill.
  • Healthcare professionals like physicians, nurses or allied health professionals can apply for the benefit of the scheme. These may also include: physicians, specialists, register nurses, diagnostic medical stenographer, medical lab technician and practitioners.
  • International graduates with masters or PhD degree from a recognized educational institution of British Columbia in education fields like: agriculture, engineering, computer and information systems, agriculture, mathematics and physical sciences.
  • The students of Canadian universities or colleges outside the British Columbia can apply for the benefit of the scheme.
  • Entry level and semi skilled workers in hospitality, tourism industry, food processing industries or trucking are eligible for the benefits.
  • Exemption for certain categories of immigrants are available. (For more details contact our office).

Express entry to British Columbia:
The express entry provincial nomination for applicants of Canadian permanent resident status through the preview of the express entry British Columbia. This aligns the federal government express entry immigration selection process. The eligible applicants receive prior processing of their application as well as the permanent resident status.
This includes skilled workers from health, agriculture and doctorate holders as well as international graduates to process their application for express entry to British Columbia.
Eligibility criteria for the express entry provincial nomination process:
  • Already obtained express entry profile registration code along with a job seekers validation code to meet the requirements of the federal government economic immigration law.
  • Already accepted a full time job posting by a British Columbia based employer, in skilled category as specified in the National occupation classification matrix of Skill level: 0, A or B.
To connect with the best opportunity available for you at British Columbia, Canada, drop us a line or a visit to assess your eligibility criteria for the benefits of PNP programs for gaining permanent residency status.