Canadian citizens and permanent residents can bring their guardians i.e. parents and grandparents to the nation through any of the following methods:
  • Family class sponsorship program
  • Super visa application
The family sponsorship program is designed to grant entry to the parents and grandparents of the eligible applicant. Successful applicants can even receive a permanent residency opportunity. The time period of such a stay can be up to 4 years.

Eligibility for family class sponsorship program (sponsors criteria):
  • A resident of Canada as a permanent resident or full Canadian citizenship holder.
  • Above age of 18 years.
  • Should possess the minimum income levels for eligibility. In case of couples: married or common-law, the family income can be taken in account.
  • Both of the parties need to sign a sponsorship agreement. Under this the sponsor needs to grant financial support for his sponsored relation (if needed).
  • A person becoming permanent resident would make all efforts to support themselves. However, dependent children below 22 years are exempted from such agreements. Quebec City however has to get an undertaking as well in order to be the residents of Quebec only.
  • A financial support for a period of minimum 20 years is mandatory for sponsorship. The process starts as soon as the applicant becomes the permanent resident of Canada.
  • A proof of minimum income requirements along with notice of assessment issued by the CRA (Canada’s revenue agency) should be added to support the claim. Such an eligibility criteria holds for period of three previous years.
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