With our expert team of advisors and professionals, we undertake every visa application as a personal challenge. From the instance you appoint us for the process, we open all avenues of guidance for your easy settlement in foreign shores.
As such our services include:
Express entry profile: For a future immigrant, it is important to assess the immigration bylaws of the Canadian government. We offer immigration advice and counseling services to help you with the documentation and the awareness process. Our first consultation will be free and speedy response system on the express entry profile at affordable prices. We focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty through our sustained efforts. LMIA: The labour market impact assessment is the method of claiming the work permit of Canadian soil. Before approaching any Canadian employer, drop us a visit and we will direct you towards the right method of producing a legible copy of skills. The process is tedious and gets rigorous quality checks from the immigration department. We will guide you through the process and help you facilitate the project at the earliest. Gaining the right experience and advice matters a lot for your future settlement in the country.
Visa service: our organisation provides assistance and support system for processing visa applications. We have a transparent system whereby clients are updated with the procedure and the application status. This ensures that we gain highest success in obtaining the visa for our esteemed clients. Our regular correspondence with the consulate as well as the Canadian embassy provides us an extra edge over the other service providers. Additionally, counseling of the temporary work permits and visas for the skilled and semi skilled category is undertaken by the organisation. Our assistance helps you provide detailed information on the opportunities in hand and the best way to avail them.
PR card: The Permanent resident card is issued to the residents of Canada on landing as a proof of their residency status. The initial card is valid for a period of five years. A permanent resident holder can apply for such status after three years in Canada. In certain cases, the PR card needs renewal. Our team helps in facilitation and renewal of such cards on urgent basis.