Canada welcomes applications from talented specialists to roll out an improvement to the Canadian business condition and culture. This endeavor has prompt a huge number of potential workforce in their dream. The work permits can be obtained by the fulfillment of the condition a s qualifications for the job and the application process.
For obtaining a temporary work permit, the following requirements need to be met:
  • The current residents of Canada holding a valid study visa or work permit are eligible. Similarly, spouse or parents study or work permit are also available for the process of facilitation of the scheme.
  • Graduates of Canadian college or university
  • Possess temporary resident permit valid for a period of minimum of 6 months.
  • If your permanent residency program is under consideration by the CIC.
Types of work permits:

Graduates work permit is available after successful completion of the studies from a Canadian college or institution. The duration of such a permit is of one year with extension to three years from the day of completion of course.

Closed work permit is issued for a live-in caregiver or nanny. This program allows temporary residents to seek live-in caregiver support or work permit. The employers positive feedback is used for assessment under labour market impact assessment (LMIA). This is must for future settlement process in Canada.
The requirements for the live in caregiver permit includes:
  • Ability to obtain a positive feedback on LMIA or labour market impact assessment from an existing Canadian employer.
  • A legal employment contract stating the job requirements, duties and hours of work. Also included should be medical insurance, accomodation and other facilities along with rules of employment.
  • Canadian diploma or degree.
  • A six months training experience or one year full time work experience in the relevant stream.
  • Proficiency in English or French language
  • Obtaining permit before entering Canada.
Bridging work permit is when an applicant who is already approved by the provincial nomination program or has applied for permanent residency program, they can extend their work permit.
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