For those waiting to join the love of their life in foreign shores can now relax. Vmigrate aims to help you with facilitation of spousal visa through Canadian spousal sponsorship program.
For the existing citizens of Canada as well as the Permanent residents of the nation, this is an opportunity to bring their spouse or common law partner home. The sponsorship program enables such a candidate for the permanent residency.
The maple country allows citizens along with the permanent residents to sponsor their family members but with a rider. The sponsor is required to provide such a new immigrant, care and support.
The beneficiaries of this program and their sponsors have to produce relevant information about their relationship in family class. Such a relationship can be any one out of the following three choices:
  • Spouse: To avail the visa benefit, both the sponsor and the sponsored ones should be legally married. A legal document in support of such a claim must be attached with the application.
  • Common law partners: Common law partners are those who have lived with each other (as live-in partner) for a period of at least an year. This period however can include brief period of absence due to family or business needs.
  • Conjugal partners: A Canadian citizen can enjoy conjugal relationship with a non-national citizen. They enjoy conjugal benefits for a period of one year yet weren’t able to live with the sponsor. This also includes couples of same gender either married or conjugally related.
Requirements for spousal visa:
  • A person above 18 years.
  • Sponsor should be Canadian citizen or permanent residence card holder.
  • A period of 5 years have elapsed since last spousal sponsorship application.
  • A record clear of offense or bankruptcy.
  • Must be of marriageable age.
  • Should be medically fit.
Similar requirements exist for other kinds of spousal visa applications. For best results, visit our office and gain valuable insight into the application process.

This program allows a Canadian citizen to enjoy a permanent resident with his partner regardless of the present country of origin.
Spousal sponsorship is of two types:
  • Application for permanent residency program by the sponsor
  • Application for permanent residency by outland sponsorship opportunity program.