CIC is the federal department dealing with the management of Canada and it’s immigration structure for both existing and potential applicants. The new Canadian have undertaken the loyalty oath and are committed to the cause and responsibilities associated with their citizenship in the nation.
Eligibility criteria for Canadian citizenship:
  • Applicant must possess Canadian permanent residency status and must have lived in the nation for at least 1460 days in the last six years. However, children below 18 years are not required to meet the day requirements for the citizenship benefits.
  • Applicant must be physically present in the nation for minimum 183 days in the last four years of the qualifying period.
  • Verbal fluency in English or/and French language is mandatory.
  • The applicant should not have been acquitted in criminal laws within or outside Canada or have any form of criminal past.
Note: Members of law, ICCRC or notary can be paid for representation or advise.
Language requirements for award of Canadian citizenship:
To be able to apply for the Canadian citizenship status, a candidate must possess any out of the following:
  • Results from Canadian government approved third party testing methods.
  • Diploma or transcript from a secondary or post secondary school with English or French.
  • Proof of achievement of Canadian level benchmark of minimum level 4 or above.