Express entry is a system of Canadian government, introduced in 2015 to assist CIC to select eligible permanent residents. This is done on the basis of the skills as well as experience of the potential citizens. It is a two step process based on the online ranking system.
An application under the express entry stream is processed in relation with the other candidates. This is a pool whereby the candidate compete with the other counterparts on basis of age, marital status, education and language skills.
On creating the profile, the automated system generates a score. This can be increased by producing a arranged employment offer from a certified Canadian organization. Similar results can be achieved by improving language proficiency.
A candidate with higher score receives an invitation to apply for the PR status from the CIC.
The comprehensive Ranking system (CRS) has a maximum of 1200 points. Post reception of the invitation letter, a period of 60 days is available for applying as a permanent resident of Canada. Ideal time for processing is 4-6 months.
The application process stays in the application pool for up to a year from the date of application. If the candidate fails to receive an invitation, a fresh application can be created online.