Canadian government allows the immigrants to come to the country for different purpose or needs. The reason may be for attending business conference to more personal ones like visiting a family member. Apart from the usual tourism visa, varied other options are available for stay in the nation. These usually include an authorization for the extended period of stay or even for staying for a smaller duration. Such a visa is called as temporary resident visa (TRV). Though the Canadian government does exempt a few nations from its preview, on account of cordial relationship status with the country.
Requirements for TRV:
  • Foreign national must be healthy. A copy of such a medical examination must be available along with the application. Such a medical examination should be handled by a CIC panel physician.
  • Valid passport, identity cards or proofs and other relevant travel documents.
  • An assurance and satisfaction guarantee for the subsequent return to the home country after the period of stay in Canada. Proof that you possess strong ties to home country like family, home or business. CIC official must be convinced about the same.
  • Must possess sufficient financial resources for the duration of their stay in Canada.
  • A letter of invitation to this regard and for duration of stay in the nation.
Commonly asked questions for the visitor visa application process:
Q: For How long is the visitor visa valid for an applicant to stay in Canada?
A: A visitor is allowed and authorized to stay in the country for period or 6 months or till the validity of their visa application, whichever is earlier.
Q: Is extended period of stay permissible for an applicant?
A: Yes, an extended period of stay is allowed but under special permission from the citizenship and immigration Canada. A formal letter of intent in this regard must be submitted to the CIC.
The above mentioned requirements during the stay must be taken care of. In case of denial of such a extension, one must leave the country immediately.
Those in Canada with a tourist visa and are still interested for extended period of stay in the country, then contact us to facilitate the process.
Q: Can one work in Canada with the tourist visa status?
A: Absolutely no. Unless approved by the citizenship and immigration Canada, no visitor can work in the nation while holding a tourist permit

Temporary work permits:
Each year, Canada invites applications from foreign skilled workers to make a change to the Canadian business environment. This attempt has lead to a turnover of 1.5 lac foreign skilled workers, realizing their Canadian dream on basis of temporary work permit by the government. The applicant under this act requires to possess an employment letter from the Canadian employer or business in this regard.

Requirements to work in Canada:
The Canadian employer applies for labor market impact assessment to hire a potential foreign national as an employee. The employer pays the requisite compliance fee and submits this application along with employment letter to the citizen and immigration Canada (CIC) for further investigation.
In order to facilitate the process, one must possess the right skill set required to enter and stay in the country. This ultimately leads to the issuance of work permit. However, possessing a work permit doesn’t guarantee you employment or permanent settlement in the nation.
For obtaining better insight into the Canadian work and permits along with subsequent settlement opportunities, visit us at our office.