The federal skilled worker program are assessed on basis of the applicant’s potential to be economically independent. In order to qualify for this permanent resident visa or for Canadian federal skilled workers application.
The January 2015 bought federal skilled worker category immigration reform. The application is routed through the express entry stream to process entry to Canada. The eligible candidates should make expression of interest (EOI) in immigration to the country.
Essential requirement for the process includes:
  • At Least one year of experience as a full time worker. An equivalent paid work experience in last 10 years as a skilled worker under national occupation classification skill set of 0, A or B.
  • Should qualify for arranged employment in the labor market impact assessment as a full time permanent job offer from a Canadian organization.
  • Completed a doctorate degree in Canada or at least two year program in the Canadian university or college.
  • Qualify for the language ability test in one of the two official language i.e. French or English.
  • A FSW (professional) application must have 67 points on the Canadian: citizenship and immigration Canada’s selection process.
Award process:
  • For education, an applicant can gain maximum 25 points.
  • Language skills get a score of 24 points for first language and 4 points for second language, adding up to 28 marks.
  • 15 points are awarded for paid skilled work experience of last 10 years. Here mandatory requirement is 9 points.
  • Age garners additional 12 points on the card.
  • For arranged employment, 10 points are gained.
  • Applicants adaptability gets 10 points.
The applicant should note that the suffice number of funds are available to support themselves as well as their dependents on the foreign shores.