Saskatchewan, Canada is a western located region in the nation with economy relying on natural resources like land and agriculture. Saskatchewan province PNP program is called as the SINP or the Saskatchewan province nomination program. As with other Canadian regions, the focus of the process is to meet the requirements of employment and businesses with help from foreign nationals willing to settle in the process.

The immigrant nominee program under human capital houses opportunities in form of: International skilled worker trade:
The above mentioned process of SINP workers program offers residency status in lieu of the skill set of the immigrant. In extension to the job offer from a Saskatchewan province employment agency or business, the region undergoes a comprehensive Ranking criteria for the assessment process.
Eligibility criteria for the process:
  • Minimum one year experience in the target occupation or position in a decade long association.
  • Alternatively, appropriate training or skill education certificate or high school credentials from a Canadian citizen educational institution.
  • Valid job offer from a Saskatchewan employer along with SINP job approval letter.
  • Be able to garner 60 points or above in the SINP 100 point grid for assessment.
  • A proven Canadian language benchmark (CLB) of level 4 for English or French language, in case of skilled job opportunity.
  • Proof of eligibility to Saskatchewan licence in case of regulated profession or apprenticeship program.
  • Registration with the CIC express entry program.

Saskatchewan province experience category group:
This process is designed to facilitate and recruit the best talent from the foreign nationals seeking employment and residency in the process. Applicants must route the proceeds via:
  • The existing work permit holders of Saskatchewan province with 6 months employment association and valid work permit can apply for the benefits of the program.
  • Healthcare professionals with temporary work permit of 6 months and employed as physician nurse or allied health professionals can meet the SINP nomination program.
  • Similarly, the employees of hospitality industry like food service executives or others, a valid work permit, six months employment association, server or housekeeper or attendant profile: can meet the guidelines for SINP nomination program.
  • Long haul trucking executive or drivers with temporary work permit of 6 months and employed as members of a legal long haul trucking company of Saskatchewan province.
  • Students or learners graduated from any recognised body of Canada.
  • The entrepreneurship program in farm category is open to enterprising agriculturalists willing to invest in the Saskatchewan farming community. The provider should possess genuine interest in residency for the area.
Applicants are welcome to apply under any of the above mentioned position through our customised Saskatchewan guidance program to help you in settlement process in Saskatchewan region.