Immigration offices outside the nation maintain records of immigrants in form of Computer aided immigration processing system (CAIPS) which is a database of processed applications. This is useful in understanding the status of following applications:
  • Permanent residency program for skilled, business class, family cases etc.
  • Temporary resident cases like work permit, visitors and student visa application.
  • Travel documents or returning resident permit.
The companies today go with global management system (GMS) to track the application status. This is a more detailed version of the actual file. The information starting from the application form is added to the database. This helps to trace the comments or notes made by the dealing personnel. Such an important information is available for the help of future residents to gain understanding of their shortcomings. An insight into the viewing pattern of the authorities is also gained.
All this helps us to guide you through the actual method of claim. We help you make a more favorable presentation and discussion with the authorities and help you gain insight into the upcoming interview. This reduces the processing time and gains a positive attitude towards the Canadian immigration consultants. In most of the cases, it helps the candidate to apply fresh after resolving the past issues.
Information included In the database file includes:
  • Date of receipt of application.
  • Starting of procedure.
  • Date of investigation or possible date.
  • Initial assessment and points gained.
  • Assessment criteria and matrix.
  • Reservations and issues in the application file.
  • Verification process.
  • Schedule of visa application or interview.
  • Overall view about the application and the shortcomings observed.
On your behalf, we can request these notes. Ideal time for receiving this message is of four to six weeks.
These notes are coded and are not legible for a novice reader. We do this task on your behalf and gives an insight into the application without actually hampering the overall process. On your request we provide written report of the overall process. Our packages are super affordable and reliable.
Our experts will help you throughout the process of application and increase the chances of securing the visa by removing the anomalies in the application file in an effective manner.
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